Dr. & Mrs. John W. Dodson Room

The steel shelves are listed in alphabetical order, left to right, top to bottom in the Dodson Room. This room contains family scrapbooks, organizations’ histories, church and community histories, events scrapbooks, and oral histories boxes. The Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce collection and the Frederick Cron manuscript are in the Dodson Room. A numbering system, top to bottom, establishes the location of each box and generally describes the contents of the box or scrapbook. Thus, A.1 would be on the left upon entering the room. The numeral (1) starts with the top shelf. A large collection of boxes filled with the Chamber of Commerce history are located on the north wall. The boxes are inventoried; the inventory is on the A2 shelf.

The desk area in the Dodson Room contains 12 folder/binders, each containing indexes to books located in the Burton Room.

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