The Record – 2018


The Record 2018 is in! Pioneers and poetry, moonshining and murder, baseball and bathhouses—the society’s journal has all of these and more as its authors explore the fascinating history of Garland County.

The front and back covers feature a 1968 photo showing two buildings which represented a new era in Hot Springs’ life. In 1967 the Hot Springs Municipal Building (back cover) opened on the site of the old City Hall on Convention Boulevard, symbolizing the corruption of the illegal gambling era giving way to honest municipal government. In 1965 the Hot Springs Convention Center (front cover) opened across from City Hall. It symbolized the city’s move away from illegal gambling as its major source of revenue.

In between the covers, of course, are fascinating articles and many, many photos. Our members will receive the journal as a benefit of membership, and nonmembers can purchase the journal. Its sales help fund our work, as do sales of books (like Then and Now: Hot Springs, Arkansas) and packages of note cards that feature drawings of old Hot Springs scenes.

The journal sells for $25 ($30 if mailed) and is available between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday through Friday, at the Garland County Historical Society archives at 328 Quapaw (phone 321-2159). It can be ordered through our website or by mail at:

Garland County Historical Society
P.O. Box 21335
Hot Springs, AR 71903

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