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When you clean out that attic, watch for mementos of Garland County history. We would love to have objects, paper items, photographs or anything else that relates to our county’s recent history as well as to its really "old times."

When you come across a photograph or document that you would like to keep, remember that we can scan it and return it to you.

Donate your time—our volunteers give us their time, energy, and enthusiasm.

We also welcome donations of services, office supplies, and equipment. (Please see our Wish List.)

And, of course, we welcome monetary donations (which are tax deductible). We depend on public support to maintain our archives and put out our publications. Every dollar you give directly supports our mission of being Garland County’s heritage-keepers.

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To donate by check or money order, send to:

Garland County Historical Society
Post Office Box 21335
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71903-1335

The Garland County Historical Society would like to thank Belarc for providing 'Belarc Advisor' software free of charge to our Society. This software allows us to automatically build and maintain a detailed profile of all our installed software and hardware within our computer network. Our computer system network is vital in allowing us to capture, document and maintain our very precious historical material, and this software will help us to maintain our network. For informantion on Belarc, you can visit their website at