Services We Offer

The Garland County Historical Society

  • provides research help
  • provides paper or digital copies of paper and photographic materials
  • conserves items donated by the public
  • presents programs at civic meetings, schools, and other events
  • presents speakers at GCHS meetings at the Garland County Library in September, October, November, January, February, March, April, May


  • Assisting visitors at the GCHS archives at 328 Quapaw in their personal research: NO FEE
  • Answering e-mail or telephone questions that have a “ready reference” answer (one that we know the answer to or can find the answer to very quickly): NO FEE
  • Providing extensive research of our materials in response to a telephone, e-mail, or letter request: FEE (see GCHS Fees page)
  • Researching materials in other buildings (like the Garland County Court House or Garland County Library): FEE (see GCHS Fees page)

Copying of paper and photographic materials

  • Copying paper documents: FEE (see GCHS Fees page)
  • Reproducing photographs or other graphics digitally: FEE (see GCHS Fees page)

Copies of materials stored by GCHS are provided for personal and/or educational use. Rights to publish are not included. The client is responsible for checking and abiding by any copyright restrictions.

The society may refuse to copy some materials because of accession restrictions, condition of material, or other known restrictions.

Photography of any type is not permitted in the GCHS archives except by special permission from the Executive Director.

Use of personal flash drives and other personal devices in GCHS computers is not permitted.

Receiving, storing, and preserving materials

Many people have items that show the life of our area at various times. Postcards, menus, photographs, campaign buttons, yearbooks, church and school items, souvenirs, and so much more make up the historical record. If you would like your items to be safely preserved, consider donating them to us. If you have photographs of the area but do not wish to donate them, please let us scan them.

Bring materials to the archives at 328 Quapaw between 9AM and 1PM, Monday through Friday, or call 321-2159 to arrange an afternoon delivery. If you need for us to pick up items at your house or business, please call us.

Materials will be cataloged and added to our databases. Materials will be preserved using archival materials and methods.

Giving programs

We will visit your group or classroom and present a program (complete with pictures) about local history. Contact us to arrange a program date at least six weeks in advance. A custom program on a specific topic requires at least a six-month lead time.

Presenting speakers at monthly meetings

We present a speaker who is an expert on some aspect of local history at noon on the third Tuesday of September, October, November, January, February, March, April, May, at the Garland County Library. The public may attend in person, livestream the event, or later view a video of the program on our website or the Garland County Library’s Facebook or YouTube sites. (September program this year will be on the second Tuesday.)