Garland County Historical Society Fees

Copying Paper Documents:

25 cents per page (letter and legal size)
50 cents per page (folio page)
25 cents per page for material printed from an existing computer file, such as a PDF or Excel document

Reproducing Photographs:

$10 per image: Images can be e-mailed, put onto a flash drive provided by client, or put onto a CD or DVD (+1.00 for the CD or DVD)

Mailing / Shipping:

Basic mailing fee is $1 or the actual cost of mailing including packaging, whichever is higher.
Fee for mailing books: See listing for individual books under Publications.


NO FEE: Helping researcher who comes to the GCHS archives at 328 Quapaw
NO FEE: Answering an email or telephone question that has a “ready reference” answer (one that a volunteer knows the answer to or can find the answer to very quickly)
$15 PER REQUEST: Extensive search of our materials in response to a telephone, email, or letter request
This fee is required for the search whatever the search results might be.
For example, someone might want us to search for any record we have about John Smith. The fee would be assessed even if the search shows no record of John Smith or only a brief mention of John Smith in our materials. The research fee will be in addition to fees for copying and mailing.
$40 PER HOUR: a search of materials in other buildings, like the Garland County Court House or Garland County Library
This fee is required for the search whatever the search results might be.
COPIES OF INFORMATION FOUND DURING OFF-SITE SEARCH: Copies of paper documents and postage will be included in the fee.

All fees must be paid in advance.

A request to waive fees may be made in writing to:

Board of Directors
Garland County Historical Society
PO Box 21335
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71903